story of ant and pigeon

Story of The ant and the pigeon

There was a beautiful lake. On the bank of the lake, three stood a big banyan tree. A pigeon had built his nest in that tree. In a hole near the tree trunk, there lived an ant.
One day, the pigeon was sitting on a branch of the banyan tree. Suddenly, he saw that the ant was about to drown in the lake. The pigeon wanted to save the ant’s life. So he plucked a leaf from the branch and threw it down. The leaf fell right near the ant. The ant quickly climbed on the leaf and reached the bank safely.

One fine sunny morning, the ant came out of her hole. Suddenly, with her sharp eyes, she saw hunter! He had aimed his arrow at the pigeon who was sitting on a branch of the banyan tree. The ant ran as fast as she could and reached right where the hunter stood. She quickly climbed up the hunter’s leg and with all her might, she stung his leg. At that very moment, the hunter shot the arrow. But because of the ant’s sting, he missed the aim. The pigeon flew away and was saved.

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